A Place for Truth: Leading Thinkers Explore Life's Hardest Questions

Many today pursue knowledge and even wisdom. But what about truth? In an age that disputes whether truth can be universalized beyond one's own personal experience, it seems quaint to speak of finding truth. But whether in the ivory towers of the academy or in the midst of our everyday lives, we continue to seek after the true, the beautiful and the good.

Since its founding at Harvard in 1992, The Veritas Forum has provided a place for the university world to explore the deepest questions of truth and life. What does it mean to be human? Does history have a purpose? Is life meaningful? Can rational people believe in God? Now gathered in one volume are some of The Veritas Forum's most notable presentations, with contributions from Francis Collins, Tim Keller, N. T. Wright, Mary Poplin and more. Volume editor Dallas Willard introduces each presentation, highlighting its significance and putting it in context for us today. Also included are selected question and answer sessions with the speakers from the original forum experiences.

Come eavesdrop on some of today's leading Christian thinkers and their dialogue partners. And consider how truth might find a place in your own life.

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Harry Lewis, Harvard University

Daniel Cho, Executive Director, The Veritas Forum

Dallas Willard

1 Is There Life After Truth?
Richard John Neuhaus
2 Time for Truth
Os Guinness
3 Reason for God: The Exclusivity of Truth
Timothy J. Keller

4 The Language of God: A Scientist Presents
Evidence for Belief
Francis S. Collins
5 The New Atheists and the Meaning of Life
Alister McGrath and David J. Helfand
6 A Scientist Who Looked and Was Found
Hugh Ross

7 The Psychology of Atheism
Paul C. Vitz
8 Nietzsche Versus Jesus Christ
Dallas Willard

9 Moral Mammals: Does Atheism or Theism
Provide the Best Foundation for Human Worth and Morality?
Peter Singer and John Hare
10 Living Machines: Can Robots Become Human?
Rodney Brooks and Rosalind Picard
11 The Sense of an Ending
Jeremy S. Begbie

12 Simply Christian
N. T. Wright

13 Why Human Rights Are Impossible Without Religion
John Warwick Montgomery
14 Radical Marxist, Radical Womanist, Radical Love:
What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Social Justice
Mary Poplin
15 The Whole Gospel for the Whole Person
Ronald J. Sider

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